This is a collection of motion and animation sketches for an animated essay about the science behind sleeping, it’s psychological and neurological impacts as well as lack there of.

The essay is called “Sleep”, written by psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Runa İdil Uslu.

Currently in pre-production.

This is a timelapse sketch, which is later going to help visualize recommended lighting setup throughout the day. The 3D models used belong to MAXON, and various other owners. This image is not used commercially.

This animation aims to help communicate complex scientific terms and processes to an unfamiliar audience. Organs, compartments of the brain, systems and alike (such as the suprachiasmatic nucleus, or the pineal gland) are represented as stylized devices to help better illustrate their functions.

Each complex system can be illustrated in this fashion.

Character animations are to be rotoscoped from live action tests we make, or found footage. The characters are stylized, colored and placed into composition. More on this soon.

Low poly food and liquid visualizations enable us to produce a larger variety of assets, while reducing the production time. This opens up more opportunities to work on stylizations and animations themselves.

Low poly 3D or low poly stylized 2d characters, with simple mask animation.

Special thanks to Doğaç Akgün and Hande Şiri, for their help in the making of rotoscopes, and their invaluable support in the beginning of this project. To be continued…